The Life of Jesus

His rejection, betrayal, sufferings, death and Resurrection

  The purpose of these writings are to serve as notes in a class on the Life of Christ. Having taught this adult class to members in my own Church, it seemed to be a good thing to share with each of our readers on

These are instructor's notes that will hopefully give you deeper insight into the Life of Jesus, His sufferings, death & Resurrection. I pray that the Holy Spirit blesses each reader so that you will know Jesus better (To know Him is to Love Him)                                                     

CHAPTER  Description

Secular Historical Background                 

OT Types, Theophanies & Prophecies

Portrayals of the Gospels


Birth of Messiah            

The Apparitions to Zecharius & Mary

The Wise Men

Born of a virgin


Capernaum & First Passover  

Dialogue with Nicodemus

Forerunner of Messiah

Temptations of Jesus

Marriage Feast of Cana


Galilean Ministry from Capernaum                  

Sermon on the Mount

The Lord’s Payer analyzed

Jesus’ Authority

Profile of the Apostles


Five Major Teaching Tours of Jesus           

The Lord of the Sabbath

Unsolicited Healings on the Sabbath

The Stone of Stumbling


Parables of Matthew 13                                               


Rejection of Jesus                       

John 6 & the Rejection by the People


Love for Lost Sinners                       

Reality of Hell

The Resurrection & the Life


Six Days before Passover                       

Prophet, Priest & King

Triumphal Entry


Matt 24 – Prophecy on End Times                   

Matt 25 – Judgment of the Nations

The Bema – Judgment of believers’ works


High Priestly Prayer & analysis       

Betrayal, Sufferings & Crucifixion

Legal violations in Jesus’ six trials

Jesus – the Last Adam


Burial & Resurrection of Jesus                        

Significance of the Resurrection

Glory of Jesus

12 Resurrection Appearances – the Witnesses

The Ascension

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This class used a text written by Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost entitled The Words & Works of Jesus Christ. I would strongly recommend that you acquire this book, using my notes as a supplement. My work in the following chapters are notes. They are not intended to be a book.

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